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“Luna Stage’s production of Mr. Dudley’s riveting, it at time manipulative work is a stunner. Directed lyrically by Nancy Robillard, it is performed without a false step by a superb cast. This is one of the more rewarding evenings of New Jersey’s current theater season.”

Honor and the River at Luna Stage.jpg
Andy Whelan and David Michael Holmes
in Honor and the River by Anton Dudley
Directed by Nancy Robillard 
Jennifer Dorr White, Kristen Carpenter &

“The whole affair is remarkably well-paced thanks to confident direction from Nancy Robillard. The seasoned director understands varied nature of the piece, highlighting its musicality and tragedy without a heavy hand. It is a fine production of an important modern work."

Since Africa at Red Fern Theatre Mathew

Matthew Murumba andKristin Carpenter

 in Since Africa by Mia McCullough

Directed by Nancy Robillard

Jennifer Dorr White, Kristin Carpenter and

Jenny Valllencourt

in Since Africa by Mia McCullough

Directed by Nancy Robillard

Alfred Gingold and Kim Zimmer.jpg

“The modest production that is directed by Nancy Robillard neatly accommodates the play. Staging the script’s series of brief scenes at a moderate pace, Ms. Robillard provides a coherent interpretation of a patchy and somewhat unfulfilled drama that nevertheless considers its painful subject with compassion.”

Alfred Gingold and Kim Zimmer

in Old Love, New Love by Laura Brienza

Directed by Nancy Robillard

Thom Molyneaux and Kim Zimmer.jpg

Thom Molyneux and Kim Zimmer

in Old Love, New Love by Laura Brienza

Directed by Nancy Robillard

Detained at Up Theater.jpg

Robert Gregory, Laura Fois, Nina Mehta, ThomasVorsteg and Beau McGhee

in Detained by Rose Mary Harrington

Directed by Nancy Robillard

"With a simply outstanding and accomplished cast and ably directed by Nancy Robillard, you will be moved by Detained. So there you have it people. This is cutting edge, audacious and provocative theater being made"

uptown collective.png
Ken Dillon, Julia Cavagna & Natalia Plaz

Ken Dillon, Julia Cavagna and Natalia Plaza

in Detained by Rose Mary Harrington

Directed by Nancy Robillard


“Co-directors Olympia Dukakis and Nancy Robillard have pulled together a very sweet production. The small cast fits together perfectly, the humor is at times quite subtle, and the pacing of the dialogue and action is done at times leisurely, as if savoring the moment and the writing.”

Curtain Up D.C.

Judith Roberts, Sam Groom, Leslie Ayvazian, Jewell Robinson in Rosemary and I  by Leslie Avayzian. Directed by Olympia Dukakis and Nancy Robillard. Photo by Christopher O. Banks


Lucinda Merry-Browne and Kristen Calgaro

in The Glass Menagerie

Directed by Nancy Robillard

“Perfection doesn't end with the cast - it is seen in the work of director Nancy Robillard and in the set design of Dave Buckler and costumes by Eric Langmeyer with effective lighting by John Burkland, all who together evoke the era and the family's shabby gentility.”

baltimore sun.png

Lucinda Merry-Browne and Ben Russo

in The Glass Menagerie

Directed by Nancy Robillard

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