Public Speaking Coaching -- Individual and Group Instruction

I teach leaders in business and non-profits to present their most authentic selves, powerfully engage their audiences and create the change they want to see in the world. 

My clients are in a variety of industries: financial services, tech, entertainment, legal, hospitality and the arts. My coaching is tailored to the needs of each individual and organization, and I help clients in the following ways:

Crafting the message: I will help you uncover the heart of your story and determine how the story should be told. I have prepared clients for TED talks, keynotes, sales presentations, panel discussions, and a variety of other events.

Performance Skills: I will teach you techniques to enhance your vocal and physical delivery, and how to manage performance anxiety. These techniques will give you confidence to authentically and powerfully deliver your message. 

Virtual Presentation Skills: I will give you techniques to engage your audiences virtually, and how to "read the room", even though you are not in the same room as your audience.

Contact me at for a complimentary consultation, so that we may discuss your needs and how I can help you! 

"As the General Manager for Mobileye North America, I have been working with Nancy for about a year now. Originally, I brought Nancy on board to collaborate with me on enhancing my Sales Team’s presentation skills: public speaking techniques, how to tell the story, and how to deliver key messages. But I soon realized that Nancy is an endless source of creative ideas and knowledge in a multitude of areas; I then expanded our collaboration, asking Nancy to work with our team on reimagining our presentation pitch deck and other projects.

 Nancy has the rare ability of observing, identifying, and articulating everything that needs to be fixed and that you had always overlooked. Through working with Nancy, I have seen remarkable improvement in my Sales Team’s performance. She has taught them how to command the room, improve their flow, polish their language and – above all – how to deliver a message.


Nancy is also a pleasure to work with; she genuinely cares about everything she does, and it is a true a privilege to work with her. She made the journey for me and my team an educational and enriching experience. Going forward, I know we will expand our collaboration, and I highly recommend working with Nancy to any professional who wishes to improve public speaking skills or sales presentations for themselves or for their team."
Moran David, General Manager
Mobileye North America

"As international sommelier competitions are often televised, on stage in front of a live audience of more than 700, training with Nancy Robillard proved an undeniable asset.  She was able to improve speech clarity, body language and stress management; a definite element that helped me win the best sommelier in France award. I will be working with her again! "

"I have been working with Nancy Robillard for 5 months. Her ability to package a clear and concise message is unparalleled. I tease her that she always has the "right words," because she does. When I work with her I feel that the message I am trying to communicate is intelligent, concise, and connected to my core. She imparts the gift of confidence and clarity on her clients, which makes their communication powerful."
Richard Lear, Founder and Owner
Gay Scuba Week

"As a playwright, I worked with Nancy as a director  and dramaturg, so I when I needed to deliver keynotes, I knew what to expect.  Nancy's ability to hone in on what was needed--from speech to stance is uncanny. She's razor-sharp, direct and kind."

"Nancy leaves no stone unturned so each session usually begins and ends with “I want to give you something to think about.” I know she is going to put me to work and I am immensely grateful for her precision and demanding, yet supportive exactitude because it truly elevates the quality of the work. That’s a tough balance to strike and Nancy nails it each time. Another thing I admire about Nancy is her generosity of spirit. Because she takes the time to learn about me as a learner, Nancy’s able to choose just the right words I need to hear to fully understand her feedback and be able to implement it. I wholeheartedly recommend her!​"
Thomas Vorsteg, Educator