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Acting Coaching - monologues and scenework

I will find monologues that work for you and make you memorable in the audition room. I have been directing for twenty years in a wide variety of genres, and have done many world premieres, so I will provide you with material most people have not heard before. I love working with actors to mine the text for meaning, and to make truthful and compelling choices in your monologues or scene.

“Nancy has coached me for countless auditions and it is wonderful to know she understands the geography and limitations of the audition room. She approaches the work of investigation with a clear analysis of the text, and helps me speak the truth of the character. She see the big picture and makes the process and my auditions joyous.”

Rehearsing Slow Dance with a Hot Pickup.

Nancy directing Slow Dance with a Hot Pickup

"Nancy has a rare gift for choosing material for actors.  She has directed countless new plays in all genres and manages to find monologues that are new, interesting and that people have not heard before! Best of all she tailors everything to the individual actor."

“I have worked multiple times with Nancy as a director and it is refreshing to see that she always finds a way into every actor’s process. So I naturally gravitate toward her when I need an audition coach.

One coaching session was for an audition for a major regional theater’s production of Chekhov. I was a little in my head about it. Gratefully, by the end of our work together all the extraneous had sloughed off, leaving me focused on a simple, essential action. I felt so powerful! And I killed it in the audition.

Nancy speaks the actor’s language and respects the actor’s process. I always feel like I am in conversation with her, rather than being “directed”. She wastes no time with over-wordy adjustments, using a cut-to-the-chase coaching style that is immediately graspable and eminently workable.

Looking forward to our next session, Nancy!”

Public Speaking Coaching

I have coached individuals for Keynotes, Ted talks and panels. Clients come from a variety of backgrounds: Authors, Financial Advisors, Filmakers, and Fundraisers. I have vast experience in working with writers and will help you ensure that your message is clear, and that the structure of your presentation supports the message. I will teach you to develop excellent physical presentation skills and gain confidence so that you present your best self.

"As international sommelier competitions are often televised, on stage in front of a live audience of more than 700, training with Nancy Robillard proved an undeniable asset.  She was able to improve speech clarity, body language and stress management; a definite element that helped me win the best sommelier in France award. I will be working with her again! "

“Nancy is an excellent coach! She provides clear and concise direction, and helps me make informed and specific choices. Nancy is very helpful and supportive, and very easy to work with.” 

Matt Walker, Actor

"As a playwright, I worked with Nancy as a director  and dramaturg, so I when I needed to deliver keynotes, I knew what to expect.  Nancy's ability to hone in on what was needed--from speech to stance is uncanny. She's razor-sharp, direct and kind."

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